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'Many thanks for such a sensitive and helpful edit. It was great to have such a positive experience, something which isn't always the case.'

Carol Anne Davis, Masking Evil

'Thank you to the brilliant Ray Hamilton for firmly but fairly blowing the whistle on my many grammatical infringements.'

Steven Gauge, For the Love of Rugby

'Thanks are due to my copy-editor Ray Hamilton for picking up so many of my mistakes that I'm embarrassed to think what an idiot I'd have looked otherwise.'

Steve Haywood, Narrowboat Dreams

'Extra-special thanks to Ray Hamilton for your expert eye for accuracy. I can see you've been brilliantly thorough.'

Chris Spriggs
The Reason I Run

'Thank you to Ray Hamilton for the thorough final edit with a few good laughs included.'

Caro Feely, Saving Our Skins

'As with No Fixed Abode, I found your corrections and suggestions fantastic – the book is definitely improved as a result. I really value your opinion and professionalism.'

Charlie Carroll, The Friendship Highway and No Fixed Abode

'Many thanks for your meticulous and eagle-eyed copy-editing!'

Jane Peyton, Beer O'Clock

'Thanks to Ray Hamilton for his support in bringing the project to life.'

Derry Nairn, Viva La Revolution!

'I am in awe of your thoroughly meticulous copy-editing. Thank you very much indeed.'

Steven Gauge, My Life as a Hooker: When a Middle-Aged Bloke Discovered Rugby

‘Thanks very much for being so thorough, and for making so many good spots… sharp editing.’

Tom Chesshyre, Tales from the Fast Trains and A Tourist in the Arab Spring

‘I am extremely grateful to Ray Hamilton for his deft and patient copy-editing.’

David Turner, Was Beethoven A Birdwatcher?

'Sincere thanks for your magnificent work on this.'

Phil Hewitt, Keep On Running

‘Thank you for your excellent final edit… you spotted one or two real googlies!’

Anna Nicholas, Strictly Off The Record

‘Thank you for your work, Ray. You made it all very unstressful for me.’

Roger Boyes, To Prussia With Love


‘Ray, many congratulations. This is an extremely rare achievement. You’ve got a natural instinct for editing.’ 

Chapterhouse Editorial Training, in awarding straight ‘A’s for all aspects of editing

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