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Knowledge: Stuff You Ought to Know

You can never know too much stuff. For example:

o   Today, the people on earth take more photos in two minutes than they did in the whole of the nineteenth century.

o  When the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre museum in Paris in 1911, one of the suspects was Pablo Picasso.

o  You Only Live Once is Katie Price's fourth autobiography.

Packed full of mind-blowing trivia
. More than 10,000 copies sold and also published in Korean.

For the Love of the Army – A Celebration of the British Armed Forces

Do you know:

o Which British war leader was shot at by guerrillas in Cuba on his twenty-first birthday?

o   Which intelligence officer turned the tide of World War One in the Middle East after being initially rejected by the Army for being too small?

From the heroes, special forces and famous campaigns and battles that make up the British Army's impressive history to the professionals who serve in its ranks today, this book celebrates the achievements of the UK's land force. Exploring its ground, air support and amphibious capabilities, it also tracks the development of the skills, weaponry and equipment that have kept the Army battle-ready and able to face the challenges of the day.

For the Love of the Navy – A Celebration of the British Armed Forces

Have you ever wondered:

o  How the Navy and the Marines came to be 'royal'?

o  How Samuel Pepys helped to professionalise the Navy at the same time as penning his famous diary?

o  What the origins of everyday expressions like 'toeing the line', 'showing your true colours' and 'piping-hot food' are?

Marvel at the magnificent vessels that have always been the backbone of the force, pay homage to the naval heroes and the impressive battles that make up its illustrious history and learn about the remarkable people who serve today as its beating heart.

M25 – A Circular Tour of the London Orbital

Have you ever wanted to know?

o     Which junction to take for Gibraltar?

o  How to save £35,040 a year on Dartford Crossing tolls?

o    How many assassins were buried within the concrete of the M25?

o  Why it’s important that North Ockendon declares itself independent from Greater London at the earliest opportunity?

'This indispensable biography of a road profiles the 117 miles of Britain’s most infamous motorway, from its controversial origins to its present-day status as backdrop to the lives and commutes of millions. Told with Ray Hamilton’s trademark powers of observation and off-the-wall humour, it is an eye-opening account of the stuff you didn’t know about the M25 – including the action, sightseeing or nature-loving fun you can have coming off at any junction – and a very different view of the stuff you did know.'

The Sunday Times Driving Magazine


Le Tour de France – The Greatest Race in Cycling History

The Tour de France is one of the most prestigious and physically challenging sporting events in the world and is the jewel in professional cycling’s crown. This book is packed with the Tour’s most memorable moments, with curious facts, amazing anecdotes and intriguing statistics from over a century of unforgettable racing. Easy to digest, it gives clear insights into the many things that are going at any one time during the race.

‘Fun history and a good overview of what Le Tour is all about. I found myself laughing and reminiscing about moments I experienced live that he recounts in the book.’

Zach Dutson, USA, on Goodreads

‘This book was very funny and had lots of interesting facts about cycling’s greatest race and some of its riders. If you have an interest in the sport then I definitely recommend this book.’

Nick Moloney, Wexford, Ireland, on Goodreads


‘This stylish hardback tome is jam-packed with everything you need to know. It is perfect for the coffee table as it’s full of bite-sized chunks of information, making it easy to dip in and out of. For the geeks amongst us, there’s information about not only the bikes used, but also the groupsets, wheels and tyres.’

Tredz cycle store

A Short History of Britain in Infographics

Take a whistle-stop journey through time to discover the people, places, atrefacts and events that make up the story of Britain through the ages. Discover the stomach-churning scope of Henry VIII's voluminous diet, learn about the engineering excellence behing the Supermarine Spitfire and brush up on your knowledge of iconic British TV and radio programmes. These and many more facts are beautifully presented in this infographic guide to the best bits of Blighty.

Military Quotations – Stirring Words of War and Peace

From Churchill to Sitting Bull, from Agincourt to the Khyber Pass, history is rich in rousing rhetoric, inspiring quotations and heroic speeches from the most celebrated military leasers, writers and observers. Whether applauding great victories or standing firm against the horrors and injustices of war, the quotations and stories of this collection will take the reader on a roller-coaster ride through the many unique experiences of military history.

‘This book should be compulsory reading for politicians and military men the world over, and it is the perfect gift for anyone interested in mankind’s perpetual struggle with military conflict and its consequences.’

Good Book Guide


Trains – A Miscellany

Whether you pine for the romantic age of the steam engine, thrill at the speed of today’s superfast trains, dream of travelling on the world’s great long-distance rail journeys or yearn to take the ‘Toy Train’ to Darjeeling, this book offers a fantastic whistle-stop tour of train travel. With foreword by Mark Smith, The Man in Seat 61.

‘The perfect accompaniment for any journey, full of juicy anecdotes, funny quotes and quirky history.’

Tom Chesshyre, Sunday Times Travel

‘Ray Hamilton takes you on a breathtaking canter across this whole intriguing subject, sketching the highlights (and sometimes lowlights) of railways and train travel across 150 years of operation and dozens of countries worldwide, from famous trains and iconic stations to historical anecdotes and classic railway quotes. It’s a journey in itself – an ideal read the next time you settle into a comfortable window seat, hear the brakes gently hiss off, and listen for that clickety-clack to start…’

From the foreword written by Mark Smith, The Man in Seat 61


The Joy of Cycling

Cycling is awash with interesting characters and anecdotes, like the young cyclist called Bradley Wiggins who once pretended to be vegetarian to get on the Linda McCartney Racing Team. Packed with fascinating facts, handy hints and captivating stories and quotes from the world of bikes, these books are perfect for anyone who knows the incomparable joy of cycling. Over 7,000 copies sold and also published in Italian.


The Joy of Golf

If you enjoy hitting balls with sticks, or just enjoy the pros doing it properly on the TV, this book should grip you from the start, keep you hooked to the end and stop your golfing memories from fading. It may even be on a par with your expectations. You have been fore! warned.




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